Sheep twin training

One of the things that is of great benefit to shepherds is the sheep twin. This issue is also of great interest to orphanages in livestock orphanages. Flushing is a method that is defined and used by livestock for twin breeding. This method is in fact a procedure that, in a certain time, should be implemented step by step in order to achieve the desired result.

Note that prior to the start of phlushing procedures, we must take oral anti-parasitic drugs, or injectable medicines for livestock and sheep, and run anti-tick drug baths in the normal and normal way. At this time, the sheep should be examined by a trained veterinarian and in accordance with the opinion of the nursing officer, you should inject the vaccine of fever, acacia, brucellosis, smallpox and chicken into livestock. After sheep’s preparation, we begin the phlushing stages.

✥️ Dual-Stacking

In the first stage of flushing, 10 days of sheep should be taken in poor pasturelands without significant grass weights, and if you keep sheep in the orphanages, during 10 days of low value fodder to feed them Use and, as far as possible, vaccinate the sheep with an Anthrotoxicose Livestock vaccine.

In the second stage of flushing, for 15 days, sheep should be fed step-by-step with fresh alfalfa and granular materials such as barley or triticale, and even a combination of the two. On the thirteenth day, the fifth-day fattening program of the third phase of flushing will begin. In fact, the third phase of flushing begins in the second phase.

On the thirteenth day of the second stage, we have to ram for 3 days in the vicinity of the ears to see each other but not to have a contact.

✅ After the end of Day 15, in the second stage, on the 16th day, cut off the livestock and release the rams among the ewes. But keep feeding livestock on grains for another 10 days. After the end of this ten days, you must feed rations and sheep.