Features a nice dairy cow

Characteristics of a good dairy cow According to the experts:

۱٫ When buying dairy cattle, first of all care must be taken not to be sick and to vaccinate it.

۲٫ The walnut width of the dairy cattle is better.

۳٫ The back of the cattle, the more delicate and their angles are sick (more closed), is suitable for truss.

۴٫ It should be noted that the beef breast is not too deep. Because in this case, the cattle breasts become more likely to develop a variety of diseases, including mastitis.

۵٫ It should be noted that in the examination of dairy cattle, the head of the pacifiers is slightly higher than the rear paws.

۶٫ Black cup test is the best and most common method for checking milk contamination by microbes and foreign agents.

۷٫ The cattle sprouts should be located in the center of each of the four cow’s breasts.

Some useful tips:

و Make sure you are cows before you buy dairy cattle. Note that the cattle are regularly vaccinated and have a health card.

? Attention should be paid to the specific characteristics of the animal when buying dairy cattle.

? The width of the bovine cattle is directly related to easy delivery and the birth of calf and healthy.

? As the back of the cattle is more subtle, the cow is lilac.

? The lower the height of the cat’s lower breast is better.

? If the breast holders (ligaments) are weak, the breasts will loosen and the liveliness of the cow will be reduced.

? Appropriate size for front head bolts is about 5 to 6 centimeters and for rear cushions of 4 to 5 centimeters.

? During the purchase of a cow, do a black cup test to make sure you have breast milk and milk.