About Company

introduction of a company

Gosh Darian Toos Company was registered in Mashhad in 2003. The construction phase of a plant was started on a plot of 26700 square meters with an area of ​​approximately 3000 square meters with a capacity of 30 thousand tons per year in a shift in Mashhad city – 30 miles of Freeman – three roads of Jim Abad. The factory was set up in September, 85, and it was utilized using the best raw materials and utilizing efficient experts in animal sciences and possessing a qualified and quantitative laboratory and microbiological laboratory in accordance with acceptable standards, in close cooperation with the Agricultural Jihad Organization, the General Directorate Veterinarians and dairy farmers, livestock breeders and nomads in Khorasan Razavi and milk gathering centers, have required livestock breeders and related cooperatives in the provinces of Khorasan, Razavi, North and South. The second phase of the plant with a capacity of 50 thousand tons of poultry concentrate production has been completed using the technology of the day of the feed industry and equipped with a super-cooking system (hehezhenizer) and has started its production since 1993.

In addition to the ISO 9001/2015, GMP, and HACCP certificates, it has the standard logo of Iran and the bar code brand for its products, and is also auditing to obtain ISO 22000, an R & D license (R & D).

Meanwhile, the grain-producing animal feed industry is proud to announce that it has been one of the few poultry and livestock producers in the country, which has an independent journal known as Payame-e-Darean, and is regularly distributed in 2000 copies and distributed freely. Also, based on a four-year strategic plan, it defines strategic objectives and achievable quantitative indicators, based on this road map and the scientific principles of industrial activities, to produce and serve.

Among the other honors of this factory is holding educational classes – promotional and scientific visits for livestock breeders, poultry farmers, livestock science students at the conference hall of the factory, and after-sales services and free advice for all livestock breeders.

During the course of its activities, the factory has won the following titles:

♦ Get certified consumer rights in 1394 and 1395

♦ Provincial Sample Employee for Health and Safety in 2014

♦ Managing director of Khazaran Razavi Animal and Poultry Production Plant in 2014

♦ Receive Award from the Veterinary Office of Khorasan Razavi on the Development of Food Security in 2013

♦ To rank second in the country in 1391 and 1392

♦ Sample Provincial Unit 1391 – 1392 and 1394

♦ The leading manufacturer of veterinary products in Khorasan Razavi, 1391

♦ Technical director of the province sample in 2010 and 1394

♦ The sample unit of Mashhad city in 2007 – 2010 – 1391 and 1392

♦ Receipt of animal production certification in 1394;